ㅤArbour is a lifestyle brand. Our mission is to provide
ㅤhomeowners with a lasting foundation. You can find
ㅤall the resources you need, no matter where you are
ㅤin your gardening adventure: whether you are a seed
ㅤjust getting started, or a mature tree in need of a boost.

Potted plants are the perfect finishing touch for your home. 'Build Your Own Pot' will open you up to a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to choose from! A truly personalized touch.Depending on your plant's needs and environment, even the type of soil can be customized. Additionally, we offer an affordable selection of plants. Have a guided potting journey with us!

✤ Feel free to reach out to us for guided
ㅤplanting methods


ㅤ/ˈbuild your own pot/step by step
① Select from the variety of available plants
ㅤdisplayed in our physical store
② Pick a pot from the many displayed on
ㅤthe the shelves around the shop
③ Mix your own soil at our soil mixing station
ㅤOR choose from our pre-mixed selection
④ Time to plant! Put them all together and
ㅤyou'll have yourself a plant buddy
⑤ Kindly make your payment at the counter
ㅤonce your plant has settled in its new pot


ㅤ /plænts/noun
ㅤ The plants we bring in are determined by market trends and customer demands. Our attention is also focused on making these plants easy to maintain.


ㅤOur pots are curated based on current market trends and are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures to fit any theme.

plant care

ㅤ/plænt/ • /ˈ
ㅤOur extensive range of nutrients are tried and tested before being recommended to you. These supplements provide essential nutrients and treatment for each stage of your plant's growth.


We have ongoing promotions that run
all year round! Come down to our
physical showroom to enjoy
these sweet deals.


ㅤWe hold thematic workshops in tangent with the nature of
ㅤour business. Having synergistic products with workshop
ㅤcontent will encourage after-workshop purchases.

locate us

Headquarter (BYOP)
15 Joan Road
+65 6350 2249
[email protected]

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